“Kant is a madman, like all great philosophers, whether they themselves know it or not.”

Thomas Bernhard

Come to our staged reading of Thomas Bernhard’s Immanuel Kant (8 March)

Meet Immanuel Kant! He’s traveling with his attentive wife on a steamship somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, near the same iceberg that sank the Titanic. He is on his way to America to receive an honorary doctorate from Columbia University and have eye surgery. And he’s accompanied by his adored parrot, who repeats everything he says (‘Imperative imperative imperative’).

What is reality and what is philosophy? Who is acting insane, and who sees clearly? And does the Enlightenment head us towards the new world or the iceberg?

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Join our conference “Kant and the World Today” at Johns Hopkins University (8-9 March)

Talks and panels will explore the relevance of Kant’s philosophy for today, focusing on critical discussions of the implications of his philosophy for issues of political economy, the role of hope and despair in the face of global challenges, and Kant’s universalism and cosmopolitanism in light of questions of particularity, participation, and exclusion.

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